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Educational Project

This was the first scheme started by Task Brasil back in January 1994/5. The aim of the project was to help underprivileged children from low income families in Brazil by giving them the educational opportunities that they deserved. It was conducted in association with the charitable arm of CESP (Central Electricity Company of Sao Paulo) and Mr Andrew Auster (the Head of Orwell Park School in Ipswich).

Rafael (11) and Michael (11) were brought to spend a term at Orwell Park School Ipswich and King's School Ely respectively. At the weekends the boys were looked after by volunteer Brazilian host families and Task Brasil Trust.

Both Michael and Rafael developed extremely well in 1996 during the three terms at their schools in the UK. Both boys returned to Brazil in March 1997 to resume their education in Sao Paulo where they were offered scholarships through the Colegio Futuro. Thanks to the generosity of Lenice Mancini and Orwell Park School, British Airways, Lowe Lintas and some individual sponsors, their school fees are covered until December 2001. They now have a good chance of continuing their studies to university level, a rare achievement for people from their social background.

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