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The Programme provided a home to up to five pregnant teenage girls and their babies at Casa Jimmy. Some of these young women have been victims of violence and abuse, and consider themselves rejected and worthless. Task Brasil's first task is to help them overcome their feelings of inferiority and shame by re-building their self-esteem.

Casa Jimmy/Casa Charlottehelped the girls develop social and parenting skills and offered advice on family planning and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. The girls also had access to formal and informal education, medical, dental and psychological care.

The programme run workshops such as jewellery making, training in home economics, etc. These give the girls empowerment, a sense of achievement and a new skill which will help them to go on to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Sales of the jewellery generate a small income for the girls with which they could open a bank account.

PHOTOS of activities in Casa Jimmy are available in our FACEBOOK page Here

                                       Helping Brazilian children to help themselves!

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