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Changes to Task Brasil Projects - March 2011

Task Brasil supporting the most vulnerable of the young people living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.


In March 2011, Task Brasil changed its focus from running residential care projects to providing more cost effective community based care projects. These projects include follow-up support to the children and young people who formerly lived at Task Brasil¬タルs homes . The current economic climate in Europe and the US and the fall in the exchange rate between sterling, the Brazilian Real and the recent change in the Brazilian legislation (Child Act) that allows children to be sheltered upto 2 years (prioritising foster care) have played a big part in the changes that are taking place. We believe that by changing the way we work, we will be able to provide a vital service to many more of the young people of Brazil.

With your help we can make sure these children have the love, support and opportunities they deserve.

PHOTOS of activities in Casa Jimmy are available in our FACEBOOK page Here

                                       Helping Brazilian children to help themselves!

Change of focus for Task Brasil

Task Brasil would like to communicate to its supporters that its trustees have taken the decision to cease providing residential care for homeless or "at risk" children and adolescents to refocus our efforts on more cost effective community based care. After a careful review of the available alternatives, this decision was taken because of the uncertainty in securing necessary funding. Given the increasing cost of our projects, we believe that we can make more efficient use of our resources to effectively help a larger number of beneficiaries, if we move away from the provision of residential care towards community based projects. To further this change in direction we have worked with the local authorities to secure the transfer of 21 children under residential care with Task Brasil to other suitable shelters or for placement with foster families or adoption.

Task Brasil, in accordance with its stated objectives of helping the disadvantaged and promote education for children and young people in Brazil, will continue providing support to its beneficiaries including those formerly resident in Task Brasil¬タルs projects, by assisting them though their families in leading a life with opportunity through education, vocational skills and access to services available in their community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our louboutin wedges supporters who have helped so many children and adolescents to live with dignity away from the streets.

We hope we can count on your continued support in this new phase, and will provide further news in the near future.

Task Brasil Trust

March 2011   

Helping children at risk and from the street ¬タᆭ to help themselves!
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