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Project Crescer Update

The reading workshop

A Princesinha (A Little Princess) - Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Vinte Mil Lᅢᄅguas Submarinas - Jᅢᄎlio Verne   20 Leagues under the Sea - Jules Verne

The dynamic of the workshop is to understand punctuation use through shared reading , use of the dictionary both online and from hard copy to find unknown word meanings adapting them to the text, text interpretation and develop an ability to synthesize finished chapters.

By sharing reading in a group our objective is to:
-to develop the readers¬タル behaviour
-to share with the listener the effects the texts hav on him
-to compare interpretations and points of view
-to relate the text to other known ones

For the younger ones over 11 who have reading ability we use other materials like newspapers and magazines.

Translated by Charlotte Petsopulos, June2012

Citizenship workshop

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