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Changes to Task Brasil Projects- Apr 2010

Casa Roger Turner and Epsom College Farm are no longer providing homes for teenage boys, and that Task Brasil is not offering accommodation for teenage girls and their babies at the moment.   

Like many charities, Task Brasil has experienced a reduction in funding as a consequence of the current global economic climate therefore we were unable to keep all of our projects running. Over the last year because we were unsure when we would be able to secure regular income for the replica handbags projects, we stopped taking on any new teenage boys and girls. Gradually the remaining beneficiaries living at Casa Roger Turner and Casa Charlotte have moved on from Task Brasil's projects.

In addition, on 2nd February 2010 Task Brasil met with the relevant local authorities in Cachoeiras de Macacu, informing them that we needed to close Forest House at Epsom College Farm. We officially asked them to agree to the reunion of the boys living on the farm with their families or, if that was not appropriate, transfer them to suitable alternative accommodation, so that the project could be suspended until Task Brasil was able to secure the regular funding necessary to reopen the farm.

On Monday 19/04/10, however, the farm was closed, and the four boys living there have now either been reunited with their families or transferred to another shelter.   

On a more positive note consolidation of our activities means that Casa Jimmy's capacity has recently been doubled and can now accommodate 30 children, providing a much needed home for some of Rio's most vulnerable and impoverished children.   

Task Brasil is committed to continue working in partnership with the local authorities and is as determined as ever to carry on our important work. We are confident that, with your continuing support, we will be able to re open the projects and keep providing the children in our care with a happy loving home, and ensure that they attend school and receive the healthcare to which they are entitled, until they can be either reunited with their families or found an adoptive family.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us..

Ligia da Silva
Founding Trustee


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