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Past projects

From 1998 until March 2011 Task Brasil run a number of projects for Street Children.

  • Shining Light Programme: provided a home for pregnant teenage girls and their babies, temporarily operating at Casa Jimmy for up to 5 pregnant teenage girls and their babies. The establishment of Casa Charlotte will be an essential step which will enable Task Brasil to transfer the girls and their babies from Casa Jimmy. This will allow an extra 10 children to live at Casa Jimmy and 10 young mothers and their children at Casa Charlotte.

  • Stepping Stone Programme: provided a home, at Casa Jimena, for for young girls and mothers between the ages of 18 and 22 and their babies and young persons, who have previously lived at Casa Jimmy (as part of Casa Charlotte) or Casa Roger Turner and were in the process of gaining their financial independency to develop into responsible and productive members of society.
  • Give Hands Programme

    • The Street Approach, an outreach programme, offered support and advice to children and teenagers that were still living or working on the streets.

    • Casa Roger Turner a Day Centre and Overnight Shelter opened its doors to accommodate boys aged 12-17 still living on the streets, who attended our Street Approach outreach project.

  • The Organic Programme: Epsom College Farm is a 55-acre farm close to Cachoeira de Macacu, a 90-minute drive from Rio de Janeiro. In this project teenage boys, previously at social risk, who were committed towards their self-development, were referred from other shelters or the juvenile detention system or Casa Roger Turner to live at Forest House. The boys learned about sustainable farming techniques, developed income generating skills and participated in educational, cultural and leisure activities in the local community. They attended school and received health care treatment. Forest Housewas the first of five houses for boys aged 10ᅡᆳ - 14 years who had lost contact with their family or were orphans. All food produced on site ws organic. Excess Fruit and vegetables produced was also supplied to Task Brasil¬タルs other projects.

    Casa Jimmy & Jimmy Page

    Since 1992, Task Brasil Trust has been raising awareness of the plight of street children. It was clear that what was needed was a permanent base in Brazil where street children could receive access to health care and education and above in a loving home.

    Help came in the form of rock legend Jimmy Page. Whilst he was in Brazil in 1994, promoting the album 'No Quarter', a minor civil war broke loose in the biggest and most infamous favela (shanty town) in Rio de Janeiro. From his hotel room, Jimmy could see army tanks moving up the hill into the favela. It shocked him to see this happening while he was there.

    Feeling he needed to do something to relieve the plight of the street children, Jimmy became involved with Task Brasil. With his very generous donation in 1996/97, Task Brasil were able to purchase a house with a large paved yard in the hilltop district of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro. The house was adapted and equipped to house fifteen young children and five teenage girls, with ample space outside for them to exercise and play. There was also room for an office to manage the projects. You may like the top replica watches uk for collection.

    Fundraising events such as the Scream concert in 1999 have provided further funding, as have sales of limited edition silk screen prints of Jimmy Page and a guitar belonging to Iron Maiden.

    Casa Jimmy started functioning in October 1998 and took its first intake of abandoned street children. Local care workers, youth workers and social workers were employed to provide the best possible care for the children. Since then, 500 children and teenagers have benefited from the home.

    iN 2010 Casa Jimmy's capacity doubled TO accommodate up to 30 children to provide for some of Rio's most vulnerable and impoverished children.   

    Casa Jimmy's children 2010 Christmas YEAR.


    In addition, the Educational Project, allowed children of impoverished families to have access to quality education. It run between 1995 and 2001, enablying two boys to be given the opportunity study at Orwell Park School and King School, Ely for 3 terms. On their return to Brazil they received schorlaship towards their studies until they finished they studies before University.

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