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Led Zeppelin Concert

Led Zeppelin Concert - Jimmy Page donates concert tickets to Task Brasil
5th Nov ¬タリ07

Tickets to the Led Zeppelin Concert on December the 10th at the O2 Arena have been donated by Jimmy Page to Task Brasil, a UK registered charity.

Two tickets will be auctioned on EBay¬タルs MissionFish site (www.ebay.co.uk/charity) to raise funds for the continuation of Task Brasil's charitable works initiated in 1992 and substantially bolstered in 1997 by Jimmy Page himself. Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham¬タルs son Jason will join Jimmy on stage for this tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic records who died last year.

Jimmy saw at first hand the very great deprivation of the Brazilian children in 1994 whilst in Brazil promoting his album ¬タリNo quarter¬タル, and in 1997 gave a generous donation which was used to purchase a building in the district of Santa Tereza in Rio de Janeiro. ¬タリCasa Jimmy¬タルas it became known has since been added to by other houses, offering care for a wider range of children and young adults.

Task Brasil was founded to support the needs of the street children of Brazil whose lives are marred by the surrounding culture of drugs and crime. Task Brasil operates to offer these children an alternative childhood - one of education, love and care, giving them brighter future prospects and helping them to deal with and overcome their past experiences.

In addition to the houses Task Brasil has set up an eco-farm 90km outside the city in the pristine rainforest, where boys aged 10 ¬タモ 14 years are educated and looked after by trained care workers and psychologists. The children learn skills such as how to cultivate the land organically and contribute to the running of the farm. The skills they learn on the farm are practical tools they can apply later in life.

Task Brasil seeks to offer the kind of surrogate family support that every child needs and where possible help to re-build their relationship and re-integrate them with their natural family. For others there is the possibility of adoption or the chance to remain in one of Task Brasil¬タルs home.

To find out more about Task Brasil please contact our office on: 020 7735 5545
Or visit our website at: www.taskbrasil.or.uk

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