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Poor Little Rich Girl

Franko Figueiredo directs new production of classic play for Childrens charity TASK Brasil.
May 2008

Poor Little Rich Girl comes to London on the 2nd of June, a new production of the old classic Pobre Menins Rica. Centering on the love of a rich girl for a poor favela poet in Rio, this classic story shows the incredible social divide in 1960¬タルs Rio society.

Being performed in London for the first time, Poor Little Rich Girl is running as a benefit performance for the Childrens charity TASK Brasil, who¬タルs work is dedicated to providing safe accommodation, education and care to the street children of Brazil. These Children are driven to the extremes of drugs and crime simply to survive. Exploitation of the needs of their families and themselves run their everyday lives, TASK Brasil offers another way.

The Charity¬タルs 16 year existence has seen a large number through it¬タルs doors, many success stories and growing support. Awareness of the problems faced by the street children of Brazil is the greatest challenge and the charity welcomes all support and publicity for their cause.

Ligia da Silva, President and trustee for the charity, thanks all supporters: ¬タワIt is without a doubt that we could not carry out the work that we do without substantial support. The play ¬タリPoor Little Rich Girl¬タル to show in June is a fantastic way to promote awareness of our cause. I hope that everyone comes along, it will certainly be a great event¬タン. www.eshipbiz.com

This piece of musical theatre features twelve songs composed by two of the founders of Bossa Nova, Carlos Lyra and Vinicius de Moraes and the production combines their sophisticated sounds with a minimalist staging.

To find out more about the event call TASK Brasil direct on: 020 7735 5545
To find out about the TASK Brasil Trust either call or go to: www.taskbrasil.org.uk


Notes to editors:
Task Brasil Trust is a UK registered charity established in 1992. Under the supervision of its small London office, Task Brasil's projects in Brazil improves the lives and supports the needs of children and pregnant teenage girls living on the streets of Brazil.

For more information about TASK Brasil please call: 020 7735 5545

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