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Without doubt, donations received via payroll giving are one of the best forms of donations Task Brasil Trust in the UK can receive as they are regular income streams and allow us to plan with confidence.

Payroll giving must be administered through an Inland Revenue registered Payroll Giving Agency .

Payroll Giving - Payroll Giving Agencies

Tax relief when you donate to a charity

All of the organisations listed below are approved and monitored by the Inland Revenue for the purposes of Payroll Giving. They can help you to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace, whether using a professional fundraising organisation, staff champions or a chosen charity.

Charities Aid Foundation
Charity Trust
Charity Service
The Embassy of Man Payroll Giving Agency
KKL Payroll Giving Agency
Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
South West Charitable Giving
(Federation of Master Builders (South West Region) Charity Fund Ltd)
Sovereign Payroll Giving (Stewardship)

Approved Payroll Giving Agencies for particular business sectors:

BEN - Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund
Achisomoch Aid Company

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