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Spare a Share?

As a supporter of Task Brasil, you will know how hard we work to ensure that every penny we raise goes as far as it can for the cause. But, have you considered giving shares?

You could help assist that many children have opportunities in life away from the streets and benefit from your valuable donation.

How does it work ?
Whether you have a few windfall shares sitting and gathering dust or a more sizeable donation, giving shares is not at all complicated. A share donation to charity benefits taxpaying donors with income tax relief and exemption from Capital Gains Tax.

You may also be entitled to claim tax relief for any associated costs, such as brokers¬タル fees.

What do you need to do?
You can donate shares directly to Task Brasil or, having confirmed the arrangement in advance, sell the shares on the charity¬タルs behalf and simply donate the proceeds. You might want to discuss the options with your financial adviser or accountant. If you are considering giving us shares, please contact us today.

In the UK - visit the Inland Revenue - Tax relief on gifts of land, buildings or shares website for more information. Task Brasil's tax code is in the UK CAR46RG .

Over ᅡᆪ100 million in shares is donated to charity each year, giving 40% in income tax relief at the same time to UK tax payers.

In the US click HERE for further details or Here. You may deduct the fair market value of each donated asset as a charitable deduction on your tax return.

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