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Aims & Objectives

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Aims & Objectives

The charity's main aims in helping Brazilian children and adolescents at risk and from the streets are to:

  • Train and educate the children and adolescents in useful and beneficial skills through its own programmes and follow through with state run education.
  • Promote the importance of family planning, the dangers of drug use and sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS.
  • Encourage the reintegration of the children with their own families whenever possible.
  • Help increase awareness and change the attitudes of the Brazilian and British public towards street children and in doing so raise the funds necessary to continue with this work.

Task Brasil's purpose is to use all its resources to improve the independence and self-esteem of children and young people allowing them to enter mainstream society and learn the value of life. In order to carry out this work, Task Brasil has the following objectives:

  1. To work in close co-operation with Rio's City Council, social services and health and education authorities to ensure that children and teenagers have access to education, health facilities and vocational training.
  2. To be actively involved in informal networks responding to the needs of street children. To ensure that future planning builds on existing knowledge and experience and that Task Brasil maintains a quality of care that sets a standard for other replica handbags uk organisations.
  3. To establish links with the child/children's families.
  4. To strengthen bonds between family and child and the family unit .
  5. To achieve this by offering emotional support and by enabling the family to gain access to social services.
  6. To empower teenagers by consulting and involving them in decision-making and by making them aware of their rights (including their right of access to education, health care and welfare provision)
  7. To develop fund-raising and communication strategies for Task Brasil in the US, in Brazil and the UK, and advise partner organisations on similar strategies
  8. To establish with partner organisations a five-year plan and systems for monitoring and evaluating the charity's work. To advise on people and organisational management.

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